Current Residents


July-August 2018

Natural & Manufactured

Curated by Michael McCormack

Opening Thursday, August 16th (part of the Yukon Riverside Arts Festival)
INFO/FLOE is a project that brings together work from two methodologies of communicating with the land as archive; through listening and performance, and through synthetic reproduction of found objects. It considers the impermanence and malleability of information, language, experience and storytelling, through time-based, and print-based media. Josh Winkler, and Lindsay Dobbin have developed practices that deeply consider our relationships as stewards, protectors, active communicators and archivists of the natural environment.

Josh Winkler (Minnesota)

JOSH K. WINKLER is a Minnesota artist working primarily with traditional and contemporary print media. Since receiving his MFA from the University of Minnesota in 2010, Josh has been creating works on paper, running a small gallery, building a stone cabin, and exhibiting work nationally and internationally. He is currently an Associate Professor of Printmaking at Minnesota State University in Mankato, Minnesota. Winkler’s work stems from an interest in how humans manipulate and label the land. How time, politics, and social change alter the context of both natural and inhabited locations. By combining personal experience with historical investigation, Winkler builds layered landscape narratives to reflect on an uncomfortable disconnect between contemporary Americans and the history of the land. He utilizes a range of drawing, printmaking, and sculptural processes to facilitate these ideas.

Josh Winkler will be hiking the Chilkoot Trail for two weeks as part of the Chilkoot Trail Artist Residency program where he will accumulate raw material through sketches, photographs, and mushroom spore prints that he will compile and realize during his residency at KIAC in the form of an installation at the ODD Gallery for the 2018 the Natural & the Manufactured exhibition. The installation will cumulate a variety of printed material in 2D and 3D that animate the gallery space with reproductions of objects found during both residencies. With this, Winkler continues to connect ideas of printmaking as an early form of recorded media, with questions around archival presentation, ecological stewardship, and political and environmental issues around preservation and educational access to natural materials.

 is a Mohawk – Acadian – Irish artist, musician, curator and educator who lives and works on the Bay of Fundy in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the L’nu. Born in and belonging to the Kennebecasis River Valley in New Brunswick, Dobbin has lived throughout the Maritimes as well as the Yukon Territory.

Dobbin’s place-responsive practice includes music, media art, performance, sculpture, installation, social practices and writing, and is invested in and influenced by Indigenous epistemologies and cultural practices, such as drumming. Through placing listening, collaboration and improvisation at the centre of the creative process, Dobbin’s practice explores the connection between the environment and the body, and engages in a sensorial intimacy with the living land.

In their project, Intertidal Cymbal Works, Lindsay Dobbin honours the animacy and rhythms of water by employing drums and cymbals as tools for listening to the natural world. Working with a factory-made, four-piece drumset that was their first introduction to drumming as a child, Dobbin is dismantling the conventional use of these drums as sounding objects to be used in a specific configuration, and revealing the myriad of possibilities when in direct relation to landscape — resonant bodies that facilitate communication and relationship, and frame our experience of vast processes.

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