Current Residents

December 2017

Robyn Anderson, Cornerbrook, Newfoundland & Labrador

Robyn Anderson hails from Corner Brook, Newfoundland where she received undergraduate degree in visual art. She studied art history as well as contemporary and historical curatorial practices for a short time in Harlow, England. She received a master’s degree in Visual Arts in 2016 from the University of Saskatchewan. She recently returned to Corner Brook, where she now works as the Visual Arts Coordinator at the Rotary Arts Centre and pursues her art practice. She works in various media including drawing, printmaking, installation and pigment making. Her work explores the necessity of negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, failure and the need for narrative and escapism to express these emotions.

During her time in Dawson City, Anderson will be working on (re)Processing. An effort to understand a new place by collecting old paint from places in Dawson and reprocessing it into usable pigment and then using this pigment in a handcrafted artist book.


Remi Dean, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Having spent a few years on and off in Dawson city, I have witnessed the wonders of migration that takes place in and around the town. From the caribou that pass by in the winter, to all the new birds and hordes of people that arrive in the spring and leave at the end of summer, to the wolves that travel through the area in search of prey, to the salmon and other fishes that swim by in the rivers and to the trucks that bring supply to the town. Dawson City would not exist as it does today without these migration.

During this residency I plan to explore the theme of migration on a deeper level by creating a series of 4 large scale illustrations that depict migration. One illustration will show a large flock of flying birds, one will show a herd of caribou on the move, one will show a lone wolf and its trail, and the last will show human migration through illustrations of airplanes, automobiles, trains, canoes, snowmobiles etc.

I also plan to create a temporary outdoor installation with this theme in mind. My idea is to make approximately a dozen waterproofed papier-mâché birds and hang them with string from tall poles planted in the snow near the river in front of town (or on the river bank if there is no snow).

Ever since I was born I have been travelling, from someone’s arms to another’s, from one house to the next, town to town, province to province. By hands, fire, water, wind, wood and steel I have been migrating. I am fascinated with migration, whether it be animal migration, human migration, plant migration or even migration of non-living objects.